The Book of Cosmic Knowledge

Book of Cosmic Knowledge

The Book of Cosmic Knowledge

This incredible artefact was created in year of 2013, by Maximus Gaia and Yulamay, who’s, with the help of Tree spirits (as a bridge) channeled these messages from Crystal planet – Arbanon 7D. This planet has a highly advanced civilization of 7D beings, involved in Intergalactic experiment, part of which, is our lovely planet Earth.

Great art, great thoughts, great gift!




Here are some pages from this cosmic book:



What is soul?
Electromagnetic field of electric light

How souls is created and by what?
Universal consciousness split up

What is the origin of our souls?
What do you mean by our soul? Human soul, universal soul, dimensional soul? Soul is what split up from the universal consciousness. Soul is the essence of being itself. The life spark, the motor, the all there is. All is connected with the ONE. The ONE is all. So all there is is all you are. Soul is your connection to this ONE. Even you are one with the ONE, you are split. So the soul is an invisible cord to the One. Your “Life Line” as you like to call it my dear. The soul is the motor of existence, the fluid of essence.

What is the lifespan of souls?
Hahaha.. is there a life span of the source….Lifespan is human limited thinking. The soul is timeless, ageless, in a space of no time. The soul simply is.

Are there young souls and old souls?
Yes… there are. An old soul is some who split a longer period before. These so called old souls went through a lot of different dimensional experiences. Some of them are able to choose where and what they do, some are send by the source. Young souls are very pure and innocent. They split long after the old souls. Those young souls are still learning the universal law and experiences.

Old souls carry a lot of responsibilities because of their experiences. They choose to come to places where a lot of difficult work needs to be done. They carry heavy burden … old souls like to come to earth to support and raise vibration, but since they do not remember of their possibilities and their experiences, once they enter the atmosphere of earth, they go through very painful human life experiences before they understand their being.
Old souls are the long extension of the source. Like a long arm. They are warrior of the Light. Brave warriors. Brave.

Sometimes young souls accompany old souls on their earthly mission. They learn and support the old souls. Being such innocent souls, they sometimes guide the old souls back on track. They pull them back to source for a split of a moment (a so called moment) and the old soul sees a glimpse of their purpose. The young soul is the guardian of the old soul.

Young souls and old souls are on the same level but in a different way. Old souls have experience, young souls are pure and innocent. Both are very valuable. Young souls are as important for raising of the human/ earthly vibration. Yes they are.

How many souls total in galaxy or it’s one soul in different bodies?
It is one souls with “split up” but these split up are always connected and one with the source. So: there is only one soul.

Is the nature of alien soul different from human soul? Same creator?
Humans are not the center of the universe…. So what they call Aliens is just a simple word with no value.
But if we are all one and one soul… how come the human soul is so different from any aliens soul like greys etc.

All is one. The so called greys are just another aspect of the source. It is the influence of the area they are residing at the moment. They also “forgot” from where they come. It’s the game of life or existence. They get shaped by their environment the same way as humans are shaped by theirs.

What is the reason for splitting up soul and all the universes and dimensions etc? Why did not all stay with the source. The source was a whole… why doing all this?

This is a very intelligent question my friend. The answer might not please your human mind, because of it’s simpleness. All is so simple, but can be made so complicated.

Energetic Exchange Experiment

There is not only one source, there are several sources that where not combined. Goal was to combine these sources to make one super source how you like to call it. In exchange of these union efforts, souls where split up to unite with the others split up souls of the different sources.

What happens with the soul when body dies?

When the body dies, the soul goes back to the source for a period of time. Sometimes this can be for, in human time, some seconds, hours, days or years depending on the soul. It’s like a sleep time for the soul, refreshing and relaxing till the next mission. They unite with their source to receive upgraded information too.

How human species has been created?
Human species is an intergalactic experiment created to research low-vibrational existence.

So how come every human has a soul?
Because they are part of the ONE. Their source.

But how come they are human souls with low vibration coming from the same source that send out old soul or young souls to raise vibration on earth? Does that make sense?
Part of the experiment. Now the time is to reunite with the high vibrations that is why the human race vibration needs to be raised. That simple it is.

Why not just getting all human souls back to the source and have their energy vibration raised this way?
Good question my friend, but this is simply not possible. It’s an experiment that has to be finished and guided to it’s best. There is no reasoning in human minds view. Vibration is the keywords.


Aliens and Angels

Why do aliens here on earth lost connection to the intergalactic memory and why do they have to fight with a low vibration memory too?

They have to experience the human life. Understand to life in the third dimension.


Because of the universal law. You have to go through all so you can relate to humans.

But you always know there is more and you always search for it. That is how it is  supposed to be. How humans can relate to you. Otherwise they would not understand you.There are miracles happening..yes… that is to wake humans up. But the real work has to be done from “inside the human race”

Human mind need words and visual to believe and keep mind getting out of low vibrations. Angels, Masters are your helpers. Humans believe in them, but they can’t see them. If you would be recognized for what you are able… humans would try to take over you. Humans are very possessive. Your life would be miserable. So angels are invisible helpers.

Why aliens want to relate to humans?

So called aliens, also a part of the source, but one of the 11 sources… different source… they do like to relate to the human race because of the body experience and the duality and the emotions and the love Humans race vibration is low so it is easier for so called aliens to enter and control and observe.  Aliens vibration is not that high either. They can not enter any dimension with very high energetic vibrations. So the human planet is very easy for them to enter.  Aliens have more knowledge than human race and they like to share some intelligence… but they also like to control and have some type of advantage.  Depending on different race.

When aliens are coming from a different source, how come their vibration is lower than from another sources…  shouldn’t all 11 source have the same vibration?

No, no… when they came from the nothing, they were formed in different so called sizes and therefore they have different vibrational qualities. Some are higher and some are lower. So called aliens are those from lower.

How come they are in our reality, our planets or galaxies etc.?

Intergalactic Infusion System – overlapping realities that can influence each other.

How to recognize an alien?

Most aliens have a very low vibration. You need to use your common sense and intuition to be 100% sure. You will feel it. You will know it. They are very tricky and cleaver. They try to fool the human race but they can’t fool the high vibrational souls in human shape. Look in their eyes, the eyes are the weak part of the human body. The eyes will tell you.

What does it mean that the alien energy is low in vibration?

It interferes with your energy.

But the human energy is low too… so how do I know the difference?

The human energy vibration is different.

How different?

The human energy vibration is low because of their duality thinking, their ego, their selfishness.

They come from the source of high vibration, remember. Alien energy is low from the beginning, they are emotionless forms, very different to humans who deal with all the emotions. Even the worse human will show some sort of emotions at one point of their earthly live. Aliens do not have emotion and will never have. They might learn enough to pretend but if you are sensitive and aware, you will know that this is not real. It emotionless.

But alien technology is so much more advanced than human…

Yes,but… it’s not about technology… it’s about feeling and purity. Technology can cause a lot of problems. It’s not always good.

But aliens can interact telepathic etc they can do so much more than human race…

Yes but their energy is still low. Alien energy is emotional low energy.

Ok… so what types of energies do we have?

Universal which includes the emotional one. Again, aliens are from different source. You are soul, than there are humans with soul but they are an experiment and therefore their soul memory was modified. And aliens are from a different source/soul.

If all humans are pure in the deepest, how come all is so messed up?

The human soul came to earth pure.. still strongly connected to the Source. With time the adult humans and circumstance on earth change the young soul trapped  in the human body. Mind control from young age…you know what I am talking about. They received input of low vibration memory. Which blocks to connect to the intergalactic memory.

How about Archangels, masters?

They are present from time to time in any form. But they are to switch dimension easily.


Mushroom species origin

Mushrooms are portal to other dimension and Galactic information data bank. They can open your 3rd eye for a certain period of time. They are intergalactic frequency receivers used by the human mind to enter different dimensional matrixes. They are implanted in his human world to support the human race and improve visions of clarity.

Mushrooms species are not originated from Earth. They are implanted from earth source.

They need to be used wisely. Be wise. Unfortunately the human race is misunderstanding the value and importance.  And most of those who do use the power of the Mushrooms are misusing it. The purpose of pleasure and fun is the main reason. They do not understand the power and magic of these species. Mushrooms species need to be treated as friends, partner and spiritual guides into the land of undefined dimensions. Mushroom species are intergalactic spirits of high intelligence and they need to be honored and respected. The human mind and human spirit and human body have to be free from anything that can block the flow of his intergalactic intelligence.

light 11-opt


Can humans access other galaxies memory?

The average Human is not able to access other galaxies memory. In the current state of human mind and vibration most of the human race is not even able to access their source connected memory to the fullest. They only access it to a very small percentage.

Some very advents humans may be able to access other galaxies memory if their vibration is extremely high and pure. Those humans are very rare.

What is the purpose of human evolution?

Human evolution is part of the human race experiment. The actual evolution is far beyond the human mind’s understanding. No Adam and Eve, no humans millions of years ago. Earth itself is a very old and an appreciated planet. It is the Blue Perl in this Universe. The Human Race was “injected” to this planet around 3000 years ago with a very high and intelligent knowledge. A lot of self-destruction happened and a great amount of humans had to be re-injected after some hundreds years.

Why are there so many variations of humans, different colors and ways of looking etc.?

With the second injection the human DNA was changed in some ways from the original set of DNA. It was an experiment within the experiment.

When do we know the existence experiment is finished? Where is the limit?

The human race is going to destroy planet earth, the Blue Perl. The Galactic Council is not allowing this. Even the Human race is an experiment; they were placed on this beautiful planet. Over the years the human ego and mind constellation got out of control and  the distraction of earth started. The interfering of “foreign alien” who fed the human race with extraterrestrial knowledge that worked counter productive in regard to keep the planet earth safe. There are alien races that like to see planet earth destroyed and they use the weakness and low vibration of the human race to achieve their goal. The limit was reached with the invention of the atomic bomb. Nuclear bombs are the biggest threat to earth. Also the human race is spreading too much. It has to be stopped. The human mind is sick and exhausted. A total wipe out of recent memory is needed. Vibration needs to be raised within the next 25 years to the highest possible. Let me clarify, the human race is not first priority. Planet earth is the first priority. Planet earth is nourished by this universe with its beauty and individuality. The Blue Perl of the 3rd Dimension.

What is the purpose of our Universe?

Your universe is a part of the source. It is the Golden Eye of Infinity. The Spiral Planet of duality and gravities womb. It’s a protection to the Blue Perl Planet. The endlessness of this universe is the protective layer around earth and all its beauty and magic. The sparks of infinity are within these layers.

Why we came to Earth to raise vibration? Is there any other options?

All is connected, universes, dimension sources. All comes from the same NOTHING. The goal is to keep a balance between all and everything. Since the human race was injected to planet earth, an imbalance was created that grew over all those many many years. An imbalance that also has an effect on all that it is connected with. To correct this imbalance, the vibration needs to be raised dramatically. The raise of vibration is only allowed to be done by highly vibrational souls. Nevertheless, this souls can’t just come onto earth in their purest way because their vibration is too high and would effect the human race in counterproductive way. So these souls have to enter earth through human’s bodies and experience the human way of living. Once the reach their level of consciousness to access all the information they need, they have to influence and raise the human’s vibration from within the human race. It cannot be done external. It has to be within the human race itself that the shift and change is happening. Once the human race is shifted it will shift instantly the vibration of planet earth. The human race is experiences more and more disasters and with the help of technology this disaster information is spread around planet earth in a blink of an eye. These disasters actually raise the human vibration because they support the feeling of unity within the human race. Each disaster is a step further to a higher vibration.

What is the purpose of children who came in this reality and suffer and die young. How come they raise the vibration if all they know is pain, even if there is no conditioning?

Each of those “kids” souls are volunteers to raise the human vibration. They are part of the ascended souls to safe planet earth. These souls are coming down to earth to suffer and raise the human emotion in direction of unity and purity and selfishness. They trigger a certain feeling in the human race that activates the heart chakra.

Who are the so called Annunaki and what is their relationship to humans?

Annunaki’s were the guardians of the human race. They supplied mental support and spiritual guidance to the human race. They are a race of highly intelligent so called aliens that worked in hand with the creator of the human race. Creations like the pyramids etc all over the world were guided and supported by the Annunaki race. They are coming from a planet with a white sun. Highly advanced culture. But they are not the Guardian of the human race anymore.

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Here you can see general look and a few first pages of the book: