The Cosmic story of Maximus

Maximizes the Decrees of the Students of the Light
Sustains a certain Focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet

“I step forth from out the Great Central Sun to focalize on this occasion of My coming the counterpoint forcefield of an Energy Center that is within the Central Sun. It is the counterpoint of Omega. Therefore I come on a mission for the Mother. I come in devotion of the Eternal Light of Omega — the One, the Beautiful, the Light. A certain forcefield shall be sustained and maintained by the Light which I carry. And the Light which I AM — is always dedicated to the Intensification of any Light.

“I come then as a Maximus. I come then, as you would say, to Maximize the effort, the Concentration, the Light. I come then, O sacred ones, to sustain a certain Focus of the Great Central Sun Magnet”.

“I AM a Light, a kindling Light of worlds. My Service to Life is in the center of the Flaming Yod. My Service to Life is in the Center of the Elohim. And when I say “My,” I include in My Self-Awareness a numberless array of Cosmic Beings, all of whom are dedicated to that Flame, that Flame of cognizance of the Almighty Maximus.

“In Reality, one and all are Spheres of Light. But then to be that Sphere in actuality will require some Spirals of Acceleration. Therefore I AM come, for it is the key to Acceleration that I bring and that I manifest in this Energy Field.

The Key to Acceleration.


a Consciousness