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Mercury Talisman Double-Sided Round Acrylic Keychain
Mercury Protection Talisman Keychain by Soulmaven

This ancient magical talisman guarantees it’s owner a safety, while traveling and protection from bad surprises. It also protects drivers and passengers of trains and planes. Makes sure all mechanical devices and systems working properly. Symmetrical position of the rays gives harmony and protections in all directions, always and everywhere, eliminating human factor mistakes. Practical and magical.


Prosperity Amulet is symbol of Happiness, Health, Peace, Virtue, Long life. Very powerful Chinese amulet, from ancient times. Placed on clothing, shields, purses, it represents a 5 flying bats, around Universal Infinity. Ideal gift for love ones, if you want to wish them long and happy life, abundance and awareness. Best place for it – on the bag or purse. Practical and magical.


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