Discover “Ivan Chai”

The story of this herb goes back for thousands of years, into the depths of Ancient Vedic culture, when old tribes, who lived on hills of the lower Ural Mountains, by the Coast of Kara Sea, discovered the healing properties of this incredible plant. Through the ages, Ivan Chai became an everyday drink of Ancient Tartariya and an important part of the modern Russian culture.

Ivan Chai is not only a delicious drink that can be drunk at any time of the day, every day, but also a source of well being. Entire books have been written about the benefits of this plant. This herb not only has an pleasant aroma and thirst-quenching abilities, but also has many natural benefits. It has no caffeine, taurine, purine, oxalic acid or uric acid – the main damaging components of regular teas (which adversely affect the metabolism and brain functions, are very harmful to the human digestion system, and can lead to the development of kidney stones).

Ivan Chai is a very soft and non-addictive herb. At the same time, regular consumption of this amazing herb helps to raises the energy, rejuvenate the body, lower fatigue, and improve endurance. It has a very high DNA protein number, which, in biology, indicates anti-inflammatory properties of a substance. This number gets even higher when the leaves are crushed and fermented properly.

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