Magical Wisdom mist

Magical Wisdom mist

This magical essential oil mix is designed to assist you in creating a nice, wisdom flow, when preparing to make a important decision. It will raise the general frequency of the energy exchange and improve communication and understanding level. Ultimate Wisdom flow!

This mystic deep blue glass spray bottle contains three very powerful, pure oils from the true artisans. All of the essences has been mindfully selected and blended with the highest standards.

Just pure Wisdom in your hands 🙂

Content (1 liquid ounce):

Essence of Baltic Amber – elevates mind frequency

Essence of Sacred Rose – elevates body frequency

Essence of White Sedonian Sage – eliminates all negative energy

Essence of Indian Blue Lotus – opens 3rd eye and improves neuron connections


Mindful use

Use this mist at least twice a day after you wake up and before going to sleep. For best results – sit comfortably, raise your chin, close eyes and spray all over your face, while making a deep breaths with your nose.  Or if used on the date, spray each seat, table and walls too. And see your Wisdom smoothly developing.

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